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  • Is it ok to setup the monitor on painted surface?

    Please avoid placing the monitor on painted, wooden, cloth, or leather surfaces for long periods of time as this may cause traces of the stand's rubber padding to be left behind.

    Categories: FlexScan, ColorEdge, FORIS, DuraVision, RadiForce, Accessories

  • Why doesn't the "Auto adjustment button" work properly?

    Confirm the following two points:

    • Confirm the input signal to be analog. The "Auto adjustment button" does not work for digital signals. The adjustment menus available with digital input are fewer than with analog input, and Clock, Phase and Position adjustments and others are invalid with digital input. (Valid/Invalid functions vary by model.) This is because digitally displayed images are optimally displayed on screen without adjustments.
    • Confirm the adjustment lock is off. To lock or unlock, switch a monitor off and then switch the monitor on while pressing the Auto adjustment button. (While the lock function is on, input signal selection, speaker volume, brightness and contrast are adjustable.)

    Categories: FlexScan, ColorEdge, FORIS

  • Does the power ON/OFF operation shorten backlight life?

    No, as long as the power ON/OFF operation does not exceed about 25 times per day, it does not affect backlight life.

    Categories: FlexScan, ColorEdge, FORIS

  • Does "Usage Time" in the ScreenManager menu count the screensaver's running time?

    Yes, the screensaver running time is counted in the Usage Time since the backlight is on in screensaver mode.

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