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RadiNET Pro
Exceptionally accurate image for hospitals around the world.

RadiNET Pro

For unified management of all monitors in the hospital with a secure network and server.

Optimal Quality Control of Monitors in Your Hospital

For many hospitals, maintaining quality control of a large number of monitors consumes a great deal of time and labor. EIZO offers centralized management of client monitors connected to the hospital network, providing increased efficiency of monitor QC operations.

Centralized Monitor Management

RadiNET Pro enables centralized management of all client PC monitors with RadiCS software installed via the intra-hospital network. Because it is a web-based application, administrators can easily conduct monitor QC operations from anywhere in the hospital via the web browser.

Easy-to-Use Web-Based Application

This simple web-based application offers easy access to desired information. The administrator may conduct monitor QC operations from anywhere in the hospital smoothly and promptly. Furthermore both RadiCS and RadiNET Pro use the same visual interface, allowing administrators to comfortably operate each software with ease.

Save Time with Remote Calibration

QC tasks such as testing and calibration using the Integrated Front Sensor (IFS) can be performed remotely. This dramatically reduces the time and effort of the users and administrators required for calibration of the monitors.

Work on a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

For the purpose of improving work efficiency, reducing costs, and saving space, virtual desktops are becoming increasingly common in the medical field. With RadiNET Pro Version 5.0.0, it is possible to centrally manage client monitors from a virtual desktop infrastructure.

Unified Asset Management

The asset information, such as model name and usage time of both RadiForce monitors and FlexScan EV-Series monitors used for displaying patient lists, can be displayed using RadiNET Pro. Information such as the connected PC and graphics board, medical institution, and installation location can also be acquired for diverse asset management. For example, by switching monitors with long usage times with those that have short usage times, the total average usage time can be more effectively managed.

In addition, management rules can be set using the intuitive on-screen wizard, to optimize the operation of monitors in different groups and facilities.

One Time Remote Setting

In addition to scheduling monitor calibration, and acceptance and constancy tests, a group policy can be set for settings such as the Backlight Saver and Monitor Power Switch in accordance with each facility's situation. This group policy can be set according to each facility or department using an intuitive on-screen wizard.

Securely Follow Group Policy

In order to effectively use a group policy, not only are the policy settings important, but so is the reliability of their operation. When installing a new client monitor, the policy may need to be manually applied to each new monitor. With RadiNET Pro the configured group policy is installed automatically to new monitors. This allows monitor management to begin automatically according to a policy chosen in advance by the administrator.

Collective Report Generator

Results of acceptance and constancy tests and calibration history, along with all the monitor data can be created in reports or printouts. For extra convenience, collective reports of multiple monitors can also be generated as one report and printed out.

Manageable Number of PCs / Monitors 1000 PCs / 8000 Monitors Maximum
Administrator PC Browser Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer 11.0
Google Chrome 73.0
Microsoft Edge 42.1
Administrator PC Resolution 1024 x 768 Minimum
Server PC Operating Systems Windows Server 2019 Standard
Windows Server 2016 Standard
Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard
Windows 10 (64-bit)
Server PC Database SQL Server 2016 Standard / Express Edition SP2
SQL Server 2014 Standard / Express Edition SP2
Server PC Hard Disk Drive 150 GB Minimum
Server PC Memory 8 GB Minimum
Languages English, German, Japanese, Chinese, French