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Image Optimization System

Enhance Visibility with EIZO's Image Optimization Systems

DuraVision EVS1VX and EVS1VS image optimization systems connect to a camera, recorder, or other image output device via HDMI and process incoming video content to make it easier to see. They use EIZO's unique visibility enhancement technology to analyze and process images in real time without altering the source data.

In addition to all the features included with the standard model EVS1VS, the EVS1VX has more advanced control over image processing. This allows operators to more effectively tailor the settings according to the scene displayed, as well as target specific areas of the image for focused analysis.

Create a Visual Advantage

  • Crime Prevention & Fault Detection
  • Infrastructure Maintenance Support
  • Reduced Risk of Human Error
  • Crime Prevention & Fault Detection
  • Infrastructure Maintenance Support
  • Operator Workforce Optimization

Enhanced Visibility in Real Time

The EVS1VX is powered by EIZO's cutting-edge Visibility Optimizer X technology which analyzes and adjusts images pixel-by-pixel in real time.

Feature 1: Improve Visibility in Low Lighting Conditions

The EVS1VS detects areas of the image that are difficult to see due to low lighting conditions and corrects them to be more visible. It adjusts the brightness of each pixel to ensure dark areas are optimally corrected, while ensuring lighter areas do not become washed out. This is useful when viewing surveillance video at night or areas with little to no lighting.

Feature 2: Reduce Visual Impact of Atmospheric Haze

The EVS1VS detects areas of the image that appear hazy due to fog, smoke, snow, or other environmental conditions and corrects them to be more visible. This is ideal when viewing video footage in outdoor environments.

Feature 3: Reduce Block Noise

The EVS1VS uses 2D noise reduction to filter out unnatural block formations in images and make objects more distinguishable. It automatically adjusts the processing intensity to preserve natural contours and edges. This feature is effective when examining noisy, compressed images.

EVS Image Optimization Utility

Make fine adjustments to display modes with EIZO’s proprietary EVS Image Optimization Utility and maximize footage clarity with enhanced contours, contrast, and brightness.

  • Requires connection to a PC via USB (cable not included).
  • EVS Image Optimization Utility is free of charge.

Additional Features

The EVS1VX has two HDMI inputs, one HDMI output, and is equipped with an ethernet port to carry out firmware updates via the browser. The EVS1VX is covered by a 2-year, 24-hour use warranty.

Video Signals  
Input Terminals HDMI x 2
Output Terminals HDMI
Video Formats 1080/60p, 1080/59.94p, 1080/50p,
720/60p, 720/59.94p, 720/50p
Upstream USB 2.0: Type-B
Host -
Power Requirements AC 100 - 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz
Maximum Power Consumption 45 W
Features & Functions  
Visibility Optimizer Visibility Optimizer
Communication Interface USB, Ethernet
Physical Specifications  
Dimensions (W x H x D) 240.5 x 53.2 x 143.8 mm
Net Weight 1.4 kg
Environmental Requirements  
Operating Temperature 0 - 40°C
Operating Humidity (R.H., non condensing) 20 - 80%
Certifications & Standards (Please contact EIZO for the latest information.) CB, CE, UKCA, cTUVus, FCC-A, CAN ICES-3 (A), VCCI-A, RCM, RoHS, WEEE
Supplied Accessories (May vary by country. Please contact EIZO for details.)  
Signal Cables HDMI (2 m) x 2
Others AC adapter, User's manual
Warranty 2 Years (24-hour use)
Dimension Drawing PDF